My unforgettable experience in Nepal- Lauren Wougk

I never thought I would miss dust. But when I remember my last day in Kathmandu, racing down the streets on the back of a motorcycle with dust in my mouth, I miss everything about Nepal. Yes, even the dust. I remember the times riding in the back of a van, on roads so bumpy that myContinue reading “My unforgettable experience in Nepal- Lauren Wougk”

Nepal Experience – Emily Fabiano

As I signed up for a trip that would take me to the other side of the world, I was nervous and started second guessing why I signed up for this journey. In the end, I found that being a part of this humanitarian mission to Nepal was the most incredible and life changing experienceContinue reading “Nepal Experience – Emily Fabiano”

Youth Exchange: Broadening international understanding

RVCC Rotaract club members enjoyed their 2018 Humanitarian Mission to Nepal.  They discovered new culture and new way of life.  This 2nd annual International Youth Exchange program was hosted by various Rotaract clubs in Nepal. If any Rotaract clubs in Nepal would like to host our 3rd annual program next year let us know. RotaractContinue reading “Youth Exchange: Broadening international understanding”

Building Ever Lasting Friendships

RVCC Rotaract club students had a great opportunity to discover new culture, and an opportunity to be a truly global citizen as part of the Youth Exchange program with the Rotaract clubs in Nepal. These Rotaractors were sponsored by the Rotary club of Branchburg and the Asha Project, USA-Nepal. During my 2014 visit to NepalContinue reading “Building Ever Lasting Friendships”

The Asha Project Annual Report

2017 WAS A VERY SPECIAL YEAR! THIS PAST YEAR, WE… Received $100,000 Rotary International Foundation grant to implement our Hope project Celebrated 25 years of Humanitarian Service in Nepal Established stronger collaboration with many organizations in Nepal Send 7 Rotaract students to Nepal on a 1st Annual Humanitarian Mission and Cultural Exchange Program Our 5Continue reading “The Asha Project Annual Report”

Rotaract Youth Exchange: Promoting cultural understanding

We Rotary Club of Branchburg, believe that everything Rotary does is important. However, we also believe that nothing is more important to Rotary’s future than the programs for the New Generations. We have been fortunate enough to have programs like PATHWAYS TO ROTARY and Rotaract Youth Exchange. With the help of our Rotaract students weContinue reading “Rotaract Youth Exchange: Promoting cultural understanding”

Humanitarian Mission & Cultural Exchange to Nepal 2018

2018 – Humanitarian Mission & Cultural Exchange to Nepal – Thank you Rotaract clubs of Pokhara New Road, Ratnanagar, Yala, Lalitpur and Rudramati-Babarmahal for your hospitality in hosting RVCC Rotarct club members from New Jersey. Trip sponsored by the Rotary club of Branchburg, RVCC Rotaract club and the Asha Project.

Building Peace and Understanding one youth at a time.

Building Peace and Understanding one youth at a time. Five RVCC Rotaract students took part in 2018 Humanitarian Mission to Nepal. This program gave our participants a great opportunity to discover new culture and to be a  true global citizen in this global village.  Thanks to all  Rotaract clubs in Nepal who helped with thisContinue reading “Building Peace and Understanding one youth at a time.”