Acting Locally and connecting Globally

As the world become a small global village, we have been able to connect with people from around the world.  During our 2018 Humanitarian mission to Nepal, we delivered Branchburg’a  Stony Brook students’ messages to students in Nepal. THANK YOU Stony Brook School’s Student Leadership Teams for your thoughtful messages of “HOPE” to your peersContinue reading “Acting Locally and connecting Globally”

Fellowship with the next generation of Rotary leaders

The highlight of the 2018 Humanitarian Mission to Nepal was meeting with many Rotaract club members from Nepal.  We even had three Rotaract club members who came back to visit again since they enjoyed their first trip so much.  We  had opportunity to talk to many Rotaract club members from variou clubs in Nepal.  RotaractContinue reading “Fellowship with the next generation of Rotary leaders”

2018 Nepal – Humanitarian Mission to Nepal

NJ Rotary District 7510 and Friends of Nepal-NJ have banded together to establish the ASHA PROJECT to help the people of Nepal to rebuild homes, schools, libraries and provide school scholarships and school supplies as well as $100,000 worth of micro loans. Working in partnership with a number of organizations in Nepal and USA, volunteersContinue reading “2018 Nepal – Humanitarian Mission to Nepal”

Perspectives from the Asha Project Humanitarian Mission 2018

In February, we traveled with 5 professionals to Nepal on our 2018 Humanitarian mission.  We spoke with many Nepal’s top leaders about their views on the development projects, community development, funding, the type of public leadership Nepal needs, the complexity of the Nepalese government, the true balancing act of what NGO’s work in Nepal andContinue reading “Perspectives from the Asha Project Humanitarian Mission 2018”

My Nepal Story — The Asha Project

In the blink of an eye I was sandwiched between nearly 40% of the world’s population (China and India), as I stepped into another culture to learn about my own. This was no ordinary place or country, it was Nepal. I was walking on holy land where Buddha was born, and the world’s highest mountain […]Continue reading “My Nepal Story — The Asha Project”


Going on The Asha Project’s annual Nepal trip was extremely eye opening to me. First and foremost, when stepping off the plane, you quickly realize how different Nepal is from every other country you’ve visited. It’s different from India and China (even though they are neighbors). It’s different from the Middle East (even though manyContinue reading “OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IN NEPAL”

Thank you for your support.

  With your financial support, during our 2018 USA-Nepal Humanitarian mission, we were able to provide Hope and opportunities to more than 2000 individuals, students and community members.  Thank you for your continued support. Visited rebuild communities in Nepal after the earthquakes. Conducted needs assessment to rebuild, renovate and/or support schools in remote villages. SponsoredContinue reading “Thank you for your support.”

USA-Nepal Humanitarian Mission – Clay Mason’s story.

Just when we thought the day was coming to an end, as we looked at each other’s exhausted dust covered faces, King Tulsi would suddenly remind himself that we have another site to visit before dinner. Without much hesitation, the five of us jump into another four-passenger taxi and head for an orphanage. We enteredContinue reading “USA-Nepal Humanitarian Mission – Clay Mason’s story.”

Clay Mason’s Nepal Experience story.

But just before I had time to think, the ASHA Team of five are squeezing into a small four passenger taxi heading to our next mission. It was during these long and treacherous rides that we began to taste the dust of the Kathmandu Valley, and really bond as a team. We then transferred toContinue reading “Clay Mason’s Nepal Experience story.”

The Asha Project a collaborative approach.

A Collaborative Project of Rotary Districts 7510 and 3292 Nepal and other Partnering Organizations. New Jersey Rotary District 7510 and Friends of Nepal-NJ have banded together to help people of Nepal. To rebuild homes, schools, libraries and provide school supplies as well as micro loans. Working in partnership with a number of organizations in Nepal andContinue reading “The Asha Project a collaborative approach.”

Three sisters of Sindhupalchowk

  We are happy to provide “Hope and Opportunities” for these THREE SISTERS of Sindhupalchok. Three orphan sisters were discovered through a newspaper article, who were living in a temporary shelter. Their father died when they were very young and mother left them because she did have a son. When we heard about this story, Continue reading “Three sisters of Sindhupalchowk”