BY: Amanda Green, Former RVCC Rotaract club member The Asha Project’s GAP program started sending Rotaract students to Nepal to have them gain a lifetime experience. Visit to learn more about the GAP program. Travelling to Nepal was an incredible opportunity that I stumbled upon as a result of being a member of theContinue reading “MY GAP EXPERIENCE IN NEPAL”

DARAI PROJECT – An Indigenous people of Nepal

Darai Community Project Progress Report: By: Prithivi Shrestha, VP Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal Darai is one of the nationalities of Nepal. Darai is an ethnic group. Darai cast is one of marginalized group of Indigenous nationalities in Nepal. Total number of Darai ethnic is 14,859 in Nepal, according to Census 2001. They speak ‘Darai’ languageContinue reading “DARAI PROJECT – An Indigenous people of Nepal”