Humanity in Motion: Dolkha Community School – RotaAsha Library Project.

By: Chandra Bhakta Adhikari, President Rotaract club of Sukhedhara. Education is a basic right to every human being , rich or poor, any colour, caste or religion. In this joint venture between the Rotaract Club of Sukedhara, Rotaract Club Baneshwor and Rotaract Club of Baneshwor Royal, supported by The ASHA Project and FONNJ (Friends ofContinue reading “Humanity in Motion: Dolkha Community School – RotaAsha Library Project.”

Three Sisters of Sindhupalchok

Success Story After the death of their father, three sisters carried on living with the help of relatives because their mother had left them too. But the situation became worse in 2015 when a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. Approximately 9000 people lost their lives; many more were injured and displaced. And many lost their lovedContinue reading “Three Sisters of Sindhupalchok”

Success Story – Biyan Timilsina

Biyan’s journey to become the youngest public prosecutor in Nepal There is a saying, Dream Big and Live the Life You Desire. This is how Biyan dreams. To make a dream come true, one has to find solutions to overcome the challenges that hinder you. While studying in grade 8, Biyan dreamt of becoming aContinue reading “Success Story – Biyan Timilsina”