Anil Maharjan: A Young Professional Change Maker 2015

Anil Maharjan: A Young Professional Change Maker Year 2015 A typical busy professional, 23-years-old Anil Maharjan juggles his work with PwC being an Auditor and with various extracurricular activities, such as playing soccer with his office team, helping to set up a youth program and running cross-country. What sets Anil apart from other young professionalsContinue reading “Anil Maharjan: A Young Professional Change Maker 2015”

My First Dashai Celebration in New Jersey.

By: Aaraju Adhikari First Dashain away from Nepal, the best time to feel homesick. The only good I could think about this year’s Dashain was thankfully, it was on a Saturday. I opened my eyes the Dashain morning and as I got off my bed, I remembered the times when I used to wake upContinue reading “My First Dashai Celebration in New Jersey.”