Humanity in Motion

The Asha Project changes lives. Helping to rebuild homes and delivering school supplies impacts the people of Nepal immediately for the better. The Nepal Earthquake that struck Nepal in May, 2015 killed over nine thousand people, injured more than twenty-two thousand, and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Whole villages were leveled. The AshaContinue reading “Humanity in Motion”

ASHA – Providing Hope and Opportunities.

When Ryan went to Pokhara, Nepal as an Asha Project volunteer he never realized the depth of love and caring waiting for him. Starting his stay with a visit to the local Rotaract Club introduced Ryan to many people who welcomed him with open arms. They worked to see to his needs and showed theContinue reading “ASHA – Providing Hope and Opportunities.”

You live in a beautiful country that offers not only peace and beauty but compassion, hospitality and love.

My Youth Exchange Experience in Nepal  Jenna Douglas In my time getting to learn more about the fantastic place I traveled to, someone referred to your country as a place of beauty and peace. It was a description that I quickly agreed with, yet after spending 11 days in Nepal I don’t believe even theseContinue reading “You live in a beautiful country that offers not only peace and beauty but compassion, hospitality and love.”

Rotaract Exchange an ever Lasting Friendship-

My phone rang. Deep in an ocean of sleep, I had half a heart to ignore the call but I found my hands searching furiously under my blankets for the phone, strongly programmed to pick it up. The guests had arrived and I was supposed to pick them up and take them to their hotelContinue reading “Rotaract Exchange an ever Lasting Friendship-“

RVCC Rotaract member – Making a difference

Being the current president of The Rotaract Club, a college level organization of Rotary International, connected Manuel Ramirez with Dr. Tulsi Maharjan, President of the Friends of Nepal-NJ and Past Rotary District Governor of the District 7510. Manuel never hesitated to help someone in need, constantly volunteering both in high school and as a youngContinue reading “RVCC Rotaract member – Making a difference”

Thanks Rotaract clubs in Nepal for your great Hospitality.

My trip to Nepal was filled with many Trials and Tribulations, getting sick the day before the flight, getting sick after coming back, and not being able to stay longer. The morning of the flight to Nepal I felt awful I thought I might not be able to go but I told myself I wasContinue reading “Thanks Rotaract clubs in Nepal for your great Hospitality.”

Rotaract Youth Exchange Rotary Districts 7510 USA and-3292 Nepal

  Sebastian Gallic’s Experience: When we all arrived in Nepal we were unsure about what we would be actually doing. Sure, we had hundreds of pounds of supplies to give out but still we were uneasy. Once leaving the airport we immediately saw the warm welcoming the Nepalese. They were easy going, yet motivated toContinue reading “Rotaract Youth Exchange Rotary Districts 7510 USA and-3292 Nepal”