$100,000 Micro Credit Grant Project in Nepal.


You probably wonder how can $500 loan change lives in Nepal?

DSC_5005Our past programs have proven that one small loan can change a family.  Several loans can strengthen a community and Thousands of small loans can transform an entire Village.

With the Rotary International’s $95,000 matching grant, Rotary club of Branchburg and Rotary club of Mahabouddha hopes to change many peoples lives in Nepal.  With a small $500 loan can buy a new tool, a machine, or a shop in the marketplace—millions of the world’s poor and low-income people have taken advantage of small loans to improve their lives. Over the past three decades, people have used these loans, known as Micro Credit, to launch new enterprises, create jobs and help economies to flourish. Poor people have proved time and again that they are able to repay these loans on time.
What is it?
IMG_3770The Asha Project’s Micro Credit program is founded on a novel idea that education and financial support, not charity, provides the surest way out of poverty for poor families, Rotary Districts 7510 USA and 3292 Nepal in collaboration with the Friends of Nepal- NJ established the “Legacy of Hope Micro Credit Project” to provide Nepal earthquake victims with $100,000 worth of micro credit loans. As a result, these people will gain knowledge and a source of income for themselves and their families.

This project will empower and provide hope for hundreds of people in Nepal to take control of their lives, improve their family’s standard of living and provide what every family wants for their children — hope for a brighter future through better nutrition, health care and most importantly education.

IMG_3781Our project hopes to provide one loan . . . one person . . . one family at a time.  The Branchburg Rotary is providing real hope and opportunity for a better future for the people of Nepal.  If you like to learn more about the project, please contact PDG Tulsi Maharjan at trmaharjan@gmail.com


A group of five RVCC Rotaract club members volunteers will be travelling to Nepal on a Rotaract humanitarian mission.

Amanda, Lauren, Ryan, Emily and Abby, RVCC Rotarat club members.

The volunteers, who are travelling at their own expense, will be working to help many Rotary projects being conducted after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

DSCN5171The group plans to build toilets, help at the youth center. They will also paint schools and distribute school supplies to poor children in Nepal.

Tax deductible donations are also encouraged to support the Asha Projects’ various projects being run in Nepal and checks can be made to the Branchburg Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 5135, Somerville, NJ 08876.

asha2You can visit http://www.theashaproject.org for more information about the mission and projects.


DSCN4608In hopes of getting more Rotaract students to be involved with the Rotary, the Rotary club of Branchburg has started a new program called Pathways to Rotary, where Rotaract members can become members of our Rotary club. We envisioned a future where Rotaract members will work with the Rotarians to promote the ideal of peace and understanding. Pathways to Rotary is also a great way to for Rotarians to ensure the future of Rotary. Through the program, the club employs Rotary’s guiding principles to bring vocational service to life by giving members opportunities to use their professional experiences, leadership and skills as mentors to guide young people in building a successful future.


Our First and Second Rotaract Presidents at the RVCC College

We recently inducted 5 Rotaract members to our club. Our district has waived their dues and we do not charge Rotaract members to have a breakfast with us. Ten years ago, I initiated the process to charter the Rotaract club of Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) and served as their first advisor and helped establish the club. The first Rotaract club president of the RVCC Rotaract club is now professor at the college and a member of our club as well as the RVCC Rotaract club advisor. Some of the Branchburg Rotary Club’s initial program with Rotaract involved in mentoring programs and humanitarian projects in various countries, such as sponsoring them to go on a Humanitarian Mission to Nepal in early 2017. Once the Rotaract members discovered the benefit and joy of being members of our Rotary club, they started to attend our meetings regularly.

We started with 5 members, now there are more than 10 Rotaract students who are interested in joining the Rotary club. When I explained the Pathways to Rotary concept to our club members they were very receptive to the idea.
Our Rotaract members have supported all our club projects including organizing, planning and implementing the packing of 50,000 bags of food every year since 2012. They are constantly helping our club and neighboring clubs with many programs and activities.
DSCN4096Rotary founder Paul Harris once said, “The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.” Our club believes that in our new Pathways to Rotary story demonstrates how today’s youth can help to make a difference, given them an opportunity to serve along with the Rotary club members.


LEADERSHIP PROGRAM for Rotaract members in Nepal

Would you like to participate in our LEADERSHIP PROGRAM with a Certified Leadership Speaker, Coach & Trainer at The John Maxwell Team?  The Asha Project will be conducting LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS in Kathmandu and Chitwan with Ms. Barbara Christie, a member of the Asha Project during her trip to Nepal.  Interested people contact us at trm7510@gmail.com


asha2ASHA is the Nepali word for “HOPE.” When we think about what motivates us to serve,we are drawn to this word, which is the name of my current mission, The Asha Project. To us, hope and opportunity are really at the core of the Rotary’s mission. Providing hope and opportunities to people in Nepal who are less fortunate is what motivates us.

aHope and opportunity brought me to America 45 years ago and I always wanted to do something for those less fortunate people in Nepal. Now, my son has joined me as an E-club member in our district to assist with this project. We will be taking our 3rd humanitarian mission in early February 2017. While there we will also celebrate the Silver Jubilee of our humanitarian work in Nepal.

For over 25 years, Rotary Club of Branchburg and District 7510 has been working to provide hope and opportunities in Nepal through many international grants,scholarship funds, micro-credit loans, training programs,and collaborative partnership projects with many community organizations to create a new network of people.


We formally created The Asha Project in response to the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. In March 2016, we traveled to Nepal with the goal to rebuild homes. When we visiting a rebuilding project, we spoke with many people in the community and they told us that they were interested in opportunities to work cooperatively with other organizations.
We realized that house building was not enough. For a country that has spent decades dealing with political turmoil and economic instability, we recognized that simply resetting life what it was like prior to the earthquake was only the beginning.

cropped-ashalowhighres.pngThis is why the three pillars of the “ASHA” project are: building homes to help create stronger families, creating $100,000 microcredit loans for a prosperous future and to grow micro-businesses, and providing scholarships for under-represented ethnic groups through our Rays of Hope scholarships for a brighter future.
​We are furthering our collaboration by sending eight Rotaract students to volunteer in Nepal during their winter break. We also recently welcomed a student from Nepal to complete his Masters program in Health management as part of the Global scholar program. We are also working on several digital divide computer projects to connect these students with the outside world as part of the Rotary District 3292’s Total Literacy Project.

With our patience and persistence, we have been able to complete many humanitarian projects in Nepal. With greater collaboration and cooperation with many other non-profit organizations we hope to build homes, provide micro credit and scholarships for the people of Nepal. With everyone’s support, hard work and dedication many children in Nepal will have opportunity to be what they wish to become. Let’s spread the message that though Rotary we can provide “HOPE AND OPPORTUNITIES” for millions of people around the world and that’s what Rotary has done through the Rotary Foundation in the past 100 years.


Highlights of my trip to Nepal

15977282_1795114594074377_6631437180277987193_nSebastian’s Story

One unique highlight of the trip was when we arrived at a school about an hour outside of Pokhara to distribute forty some-odd bags of school supplies. The children looked weary as we sat in the hot sun for hours but after giving each of them supplies they seemed to perk up one by one just as did their parents as they watched. A nice ceremony was done to hand the children the supplies which made it feel like an even more special time. Each school was different in how they held these ceremonies and gave out the supplies but they were all so grateful and happy that we were there to help. These types of moments resonated within me as we made our stops to different service opportunities.

9Did you meet anyone who intrigued you or left a strong impression on you, and why?
Each part of the trip had its own flavor yet there was one thing we could always count on: an overwhelming kindness and helpfulness orchestrated by SujanRegmi. Without his continued support and his attention to detail I do not believe that this trip would have been possible. From orchestrating where we ate to getting someone to help me get to the Catholic church on Sunday afternoon, Sujan did everything with joy. I am extremely grateful to call him, and all the Rotaractors that I met over the course of the trip, my friends.

● What was the most memorable portion of the trip to you and why? 
The most memorable portion of our trip was our time in Pokhara. They were extremely welcoming and very organized in helping us get where we needed to go. Throughout or time there we went to different schools, conferences and sightseeing which were all amazing.

● Anecdotes of my trip
Another moment that has impacted me happened just after we ate at a wonderful resort a generous Rotary member hosted. After we ate we had to go outside the resort to wait for a bus. So close to what seemed like paradise yet the area we stepped into was nothing less than the slums. We sat down and began waiting for the bus and occasionally snapped some pictures of the people around us. Two young girls began to fill around 20 empty liters full of water. After a few moments I joined in and began helping them. The one aspect of this act of kindness was that there was no formal thank you’s, no picture taking, no formal ceremony ( which were all good and healthy); just a human helping another human. This moment was why I went on the trip; I have found that on this trip the informal acts of kindness not recognized by all seemed to be the most imp6actful moments in my own life.


asha2THIS HOLIDAY SEASON; take a different approach.
Provide a goat to a family in need FOR ONLY $50.
Families who receive your gift become donors as they pass on the gift to other families in their community. This allows them to help others as you have helped them. http://www.theashaproject.org