Celebrating World Understanding Month with Rotary clubs of Hunterdon County.

In honor of the first Rotary meeting that occurred on February 23, 1905, Rotary International has designated this day as “World Understanding and Peace Day” and has selected February as “World Understanding Month.” Rotary Clubs of Hunterdon County are collaborating to celebrate this world understanding month by signing sister club agreements, receiving state and localContinue reading “Celebrating World Understanding Month with Rotary clubs of Hunterdon County.”

Nemanja Nikitovic: My Journey from Serbia to New Jersey

Born in Uzice, Serbia where I lived for 20 years before moving to United States. Now I live longer in the US then in Serbia. As a kid I was very interested in technology and computers as my first childhoodmemory are scenes from a legendary George Lucas movie called Star Wars episode V: “The EmpireContinue reading “Nemanja Nikitovic: My Journey from Serbia to New Jersey”


Professor “Nick” (called by his students, his actual name is Nemanja Nikitovic) to be honored by the President of the United States of America as a recipient of the “President’s Lifetime Achievement Award” for his 22 years of dedicated community service. The purpose of this award is to honor those who have continually poured outContinue reading “FINDING MY PASSION AND PURPOSE.”


I have just joined the Youth Leadership Team of the Rotary and the Friends of Nepal to make a difference in our community and communities around the world. It has been great pleasure to be a part of the Youth Leadership Team and work with the NJ Peace Garden project and learn leadership skills. ThisContinue reading “NJ TEEN’S SERVICE PROJECT RIASE AWARENESS ABOUT CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND ENVIRONMENT.”

Why We Should Celebrate Nepal Day in New Jersey?

By: Pragya Shrestha, Youth Leadership member. It is essential to keep in mind the roots from which Nepalese have grown in order to ensure that subsequent generations can enjoy and continue the same beautiful lifestyle. It’s easy for minorities like Nepalese people to forget their primary ancestral cultures and homeland when they live in theContinue reading “Why We Should Celebrate Nepal Day in New Jersey?”

Menuka Udas: Passion; Commitment and Leadership

Interview by: Ms. Pragya Shrestha What is your involvement in the Nepalese community?Menuka Udas: In order to expand the Nepalese community, I try to connect people. I am laying the groundwork for the Nepalese community so that we can unite cultures to inspire and be inspired by one another. On top of that, I amContinue reading “Menuka Udas: Passion; Commitment and Leadership”

International Day of Peace Celebration

By: Samantha Waldron After everything humanity has been through, we need hope. We must commemorate every small victory to bring about hope.  On September 24, 2022, the Rotary Clubs of Whitehouse, Rotary club of Plainsboro North & South Brunswick and Edison united with the Somerset County Cultural and Diversity Coalition and Friends of NJ toContinue reading “International Day of Peace Celebration”


The NJ Peace Garden was established in 2017 by the Somerset County Cultural Diversity Coalition in cooperation with Rotary District 7510, Interfaith community leaders and various community organizations. The committee was inspired by Rotary’s 2013 theme “Peace Through Service”.     With recent environmental problems and Covid-19 related issues, our committee thought we need toContinue reading “NJ PEACE GARDEN”

The School in the Clouds

By Samantha M. Waldron https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-m-waldron/ When I grow old, and all has been said and done, I want to believe in my heart that I am a good person and that I tried everything in my power to make the world better than I found it.  Samantha Nepal emanates warmth, celebration, enduring hope, and beautyContinue reading “The School in the Clouds”