The NJ Peace Garden was established in 2017 by the Somerset County Cultural Diversity Coalition in cooperation with Rotary District 7510, Interfaith community leaders and various community organizations. The committee was inspired by Rotary’s 2013 theme “Peace Through Service”.     With recent environmental problems and Covid-19 related issues, our committee thought we need toContinue reading “NJ PEACE GARDEN”

The School in the Clouds

By Samantha M. Waldron https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-m-waldron/ When I grow old, and all has been said and done, I want to believe in my heart that I am a good person and that I tried everything in my power to make the world better than I found it.  Samantha Nepal emanates warmth, celebration, enduring hope, and beautyContinue reading “The School in the Clouds”