DARAI PROJECT – An Indigenous people of Nepal

Darai Community Project Progress Report:

By: Prithivi Shrestha, VP Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal

Darai is one of the nationalities of Nepal. Darai is an ethnic group. Darai cast is one of marginalized group of Indigenous nationalities in Nepal. Total number of Darai ethnic is 14,859 in Nepal, according to Census 2001. They speak ‘Darai’ language as their mother tongue. 10,210 Darai people speak their Darai language in Nepal. The greatest number of them have been living in the inner Nepal for several thousand years. Most of these people live in Tanahun, Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts in the area of western part of Nepal.

        In some studies reported about the origin of Darai. They are known as Daroe, Darhi, Daraie, Daras, Darad and Darai. Darais are Mongolian stock with short stature, depress nasal ruts and they have stumpy nose. They display great health and strength. Darais are economically poor and the literacy rate is also very low in their communities and their livelihoods totally depend in traditional agriculture and fishing. Although Darais are agriculturalists lacking specific skills to carry out other special jobs. Men and women both work in the field and keep cow, sheep, goat and hen at home. Most of the women prepare beer (wine made out of maize or wheat) called ‘Mod/muna/jaad’.

As part of the economic and community development project the Asha Project hopes to work with the community leaders and women’s group to:

  1. Promote and preserve their own language, custom, religion, traditional rituals,
  2. Teach them about personal saving and microcredit projects,
  3. Provide Educational opportunities for children,
  4. Vocational training programs to engage women,
  5. Help promote their homestay business and community development.

    Darais are not getting much help from from the government so the Asha project started a pilot project with them to support them. In early January 2021, the Asha project with the help of the Rudramati-Babarmahal club distributed 150 chicken to families in the village. We were happy to learn that they were able to take care of those chickens and about to lay eggs and very soon they will share their chicks with other families who did not receive chicken. According to chair of the Asha Project Dr. Maharjan “In a special ceremony villagers will have a “GIVING DAY CELEBRATION” this way, community will learn the concept of how caring and sharing is important to further develop their communities”.

According to Dr. Maharjan “As part of the Indigenous Community Economic Development project, The Asha Project hopes to distribute more chickens, develop new bee project in the village as well as promote their homestay business. We are happy to be able to help these backward community people. We hope to work with these communities to preserve their language, customs, festivities and promote their distinct identity.” Your support is greatly appreciated to protect their lands, language, traditions and cultures. If you like to support this project, please visit http://www.theashaproject.org and make your donation.

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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