Every day is an adventure in Nepal.

26169085_1977301432557706_5663755414490871397_nLauren Wougk

If I were to reflect on the entire Nepal trip thus far, I think I could write a book. So I’m just going to pick one event.

Talking to random strangers on a bus is something my mom would do. It’s not something I would do, I’m just too shy. Starting a sing a long on a bus with a bunch of Nepali strangers is definitely not something I would do, but that’s exactly what we did. Welcome to Nepal, where literally anything can happen.

We were on our to Kathmandu from Chitwan and it had been a long journey so far. The transmission in our little van was shot, and honestly, I wasn’t sure we’d make it. But we did. Of course we did. By the time we got to the limits of Kathmandu, we hit a lot of traffic. For some reason we decided to start singing, which really isn’t our (or my) strong suit. At first it was just Ryan 34jand I, but then we started singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver and some younger Nepali guys with us started joining in. The rest of our Nepali/American sing along is history.

12In Nepal I’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Whether that be waking up freezing cold, or almost getting hit by cars, buses, or motorcycles, there have definitely been some less than pleasant moments. But I love it.  here and it’s what I want out of life.
Also, I’ve never been a social butterfly, so talking to complete strangers who may not even speak English is a feat for me. I will definitely never forget starting a sing along in a bumpy broken van in N26220874_1310125049091352_6584650621997282811_oepal.
There’s so much I could have written about, but right now this stands out to me the most.

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