The Global Village: Life Learning Experience

By: Abby Fabiano, RVCC Rotaract club.

21dMy experience in Nepal so far has definitely been one I will never forget. I am glad that I have decided to take part in this humanitarian mission in order to gain personal growth regarding my knowledge about the lives and cultures of others.

34gVisiting various schools and giving out school supplies to children has been something I am grateful to have taken part in. While at an orphanage a few days ago, we decided to give the children some of the snacks we had brought with us from America. We did not have much, but we watched them split up all the snacks amongst themselves and the smiles on their faces were unforgettable.

34nOne of the highlights of the trip so far was one night when we were out, and I started talking to some Nepalese children. I was petting their dog and they started asking where I was from and were amazed when they heard I was from America. They were asking what America is like and were so eager to take a picture with me. Seeing how much the Nepalese value Americans and other cultures just as much as their own was very cool to experience.

45cOne last moment of the trip that has also stood out to me so far was during the end of one of our long bus rides. We were all very tired from travelling to Kathmandu from Chitwan in a small van, and towards the end of the ride we all started singing random songs that our group knew. We were quickly surprised when we noticed a few of the Nepalese on our bus had joined in. A sing-along on the bus had then started and we were all enjoying ourselves and felt a nice bond form between us and the others on the bus. We all hope to continue to help and give back to others in the future, especially after seeing how different life is halfway around the world.

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