My Unforgettable Moments in Nepal

34vMy experience in Nepal has been far more amazing than I could have imagined. My first few days here was spent with the Rotaract member of Newroad Pokhara. In Pokhara I had a really great time seeing the beauty of the Himalayan mountains as we went boating and had a picnic on the top of a hill where the view was unlike anything I have ever seen. I really enjoyed learning about the culture of Nepal at the picnic with the Rotoract members in Pokhara. At the picnic we learned how to dance in Nepal as well as played games that were a lot of fun that we have never played in our country .

18I have really enjoyed the impact that the service projects we do have on the people here in Nepal. For example, we joined with the Rotaract club of Ratnanagar to paint the walls of an orphanage and to distribute blankets to the children. We could see the children as well as the Rotaract members of Ratnanagr were very thankful for our time dedication towards 43the project. The children at the orphanage seemed sad that we were leaving so us 5 Rotaract students from America dug through our backpacks and gave the children at the orphanage all the food we had. Although it wasn’t enough food for all the children, the children counted the food and split it among each other and were all very happy. Aside from  the orphanage we have also distributed blankets and school supplies we gathered through donations in America to various schools in Nepal. When we went to the school in Chitwan it came to a surprise to me how the students have to get to school everyday. Getting to the school can be an hour trek everyday, and we found the trek to be very difficult and exhausting. I could never imagine getting to school the way the students in Chitwan do everyday.

19Overall, my experience has been unforgettable in Nepal. I am very grateful for how welcoming everyone in Nepal has been for me and the four other Rotaract members from the RVCC Rotaract club.  The Rotaract members in Nepal have been great hosts for us and I have made so many new friends!    Emily Fabiano


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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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