DARAI PROJECT – An Indigenous people of Nepal

Darai Community Project Progress Report: By: Prithivi Shrestha, VP Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal Darai is one of the nationalities of Nepal. Darai is an ethnic group. Darai cast is one of marginalized group of Indigenous nationalities in Nepal. Total number of Darai ethnic is 14,859 in Nepal, according to Census 2001. They speak ‘Darai’ languageContinue reading “DARAI PROJECT – An Indigenous people of Nepal”

Humanity in Motion: Dolkha Community School – RotaAsha Library Project.

By: Chandra Bhakta Adhikari, President Rotaract club of Sukhedhara. Education is a basic right to every human being , rich or poor, any colour, caste or religion. In this joint venture between the Rotaract Club of Sukedhara, Rotaract Club Baneshwor and Rotaract Club of Baneshwor Royal, supported by The ASHA Project and FONNJ (Friends ofContinue reading “Humanity in Motion: Dolkha Community School – RotaAsha Library Project.”

Three Sisters of Sindhupalchok

Success Story After the death of their father, three sisters carried on living with the help of relatives because their mother had left them too. But the situation became worse in 2015 when a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. Approximately 9000 people lost their lives; many more were injured and displaced. And many lost their lovedContinue reading “Three Sisters of Sindhupalchok”

Success Story – Biyan Timilsina

Biyan’s journey to become the youngest public prosecutor in Nepal There is a saying, Dream Big and Live the Life You Desire. This is how Biyan dreams. To make a dream come true, one has to find solutions to overcome the challenges that hinder you. While studying in grade 8, Biyan dreamt of becoming aContinue reading “Success Story – Biyan Timilsina”

A different perspective is one of the hardest things to obtain.

By: Arya Jha about her volunteer work in Nepal. A different perspective is one of the hardest things to obtain. Nature and nurture both skew how each individual thinks and behaves. Growing up in a privileged town, under an air conditioned roof, with all the latest clothes and gadgets is a recipe for a narrowContinue reading “A different perspective is one of the hardest things to obtain.”

स्वयंसेवक दिवसको अवसरमा दरै समाजमा रोट्रयाक्टको सहयोग

FROM NEPAL REPORT News By Rameshwor Sharma Reported By Joshan Shrestha Written By Uttam Rimal मङ्सिर २० , तनहुँ ।। आज अन्तराष्ट्रिय स्वयंसेवक दिवसको अवसरमा तनहुँ व्यास नगरपालिक वडा न १० दुम्सीका दरै समुदायहरुको लागि रोट्रयाक्टको क्लब अफ रुद्रमती बबर्महल- काठमाडौंले ‘अपलिफ्त द लाईभस’ बन्ने प्रोजेक्ट अन्तर्गत दरै समुदायलाई चल्ला तथा सरसफाइ सामाग्री बितरण गरेका हुन् । यसContinue reading “स्वयंसेवक दिवसको अवसरमा दरै समाजमा रोट्रयाक्टको सहयोग”

Celebrating 10th year of FONNJ’s Legacy Circle

Many thanks for making FONNJ’s 10th year of LEGACY CIRCLE program a great success. With 87,000 worth of donations from LEGACY CIRCLE members, Nepal Earthquake Relief fund, the Asha Project and various Rotary Clubs, we have been able to receive matching grants from the Rotary International pushing our funds to $550,000. Over the last fiveContinue reading “Celebrating 10th year of FONNJ’s Legacy Circle”

Nepal Goat Project: Celebrating the successes, goals and visions of a Women-Empowerment Project.

ASHA’S GOAT PROJECT IN NEPAL What does a goat mean to women and communities in Nepal? Empowering Nepalese women and feeding families are important missions within the ASHA Project. The women assisted via our goat project tell us that keeping goats increases their earnings, provides pediatric nutrition via milk and enables them to save forContinue reading “Nepal Goat Project: Celebrating the successes, goals and visions of a Women-Empowerment Project.”

January -February 2020 Humanitarian Mission

In January and February 2020 we kicked off Humanitarian Mission 2020. This mission is about building hope and opportunity for the people of Nepal. We conducted health camps, sponsored schools and orphanages, and did needs assessments to further develop our impact in Nepal. #Peopleofaction #rotaryinaction #theashaproject #FONNJ #sustainabledevelopment #humandevelopment

2019 HIghlights of the Asha Project

OUR WORK HELPING poor people in Nepal to rebuild their LIVES and renew their HOPE. The Asha Project is a joint project of the Friends of Nepal-NJ (FONNJ) and the Rotary club of Branchburg to help poor people in Nepal by focusing on education, micro credit and homes and community building. ASHA PROJECT works inContinue reading “2019 HIghlights of the Asha Project”