Partnership with Purpose

Helping SAMATA SCHOOL in Nepal

It was wonderful to see how Nepalese community groups coming together to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than us. On Wednesday, November 16th, 2022, seven organizations came together to help the Samata School in Nepal to raise more than $10,000 for the school foundation.

It was a Wednesday night and my parents asked me if I wanted to attend a Nepali program. Me being the curious guy I asked what the program was about, and they said it’s a Nepali Samata school event. Then I thought to myself it seems interesting why not attend.

Samata School is a community school where students from nursery to 10th grade pays Rs.100 per month which is less than $1 a month.

It was quite overwhelming to see more than 200 people packed in a small restaurant. Organizers had not expected to see that many people since it was planned only week before. This is what I call partnership with purpose.

Our Youth Leadership Team members were also recognized at this event for their many hours of community service work. If any young people want to join the Youth Leadership Team, a joint project of the Friends of Nepal-NJ and Rotary International’s Interact club, you can contact

The history of how this SAMATA SCHOOL started and how it is helping young people to get higher education is very interesting. You can join their Facebook group and see how they are making a difference in Nepal.

After hearing their presentation, I decided to join the Youth Leadership Team to help make a difference in our community and communities around the world. I am very glad that I attended this event, even it was a school day next morning.

I found the presentations were inspirational, I saw how these amazing people are helping schools, students, and poor people in Nepal. I was interested right away to help anyway I can. After the presentation we talked with some friends and then left. In the car, I asked how I could help the Nepali community here and Nepal. My dad then told me about the Friends of Nepal-NJ and their three decades of humanitarian work in Nepal. How they have completed more than one million dollars’ worth of projects and how I could volunteer with the organization to gain leadership experience. I can’t wait to volunteer and help out the Nepalese community.

FONNJ & ROTARY international collaboration and its Impact

FONNJ had also honored Samata school Founder and Advisory Board members during their USA-Nepal Humanitarian Award ceremony in Nepal.

The key to creating successful partnership with purpose is to work together and having similar mission and purpose to impact our community. When we work together with a similar purpose, we can make a difference”.

Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan, Founding President of the FONNJ

Aavash Lamichhane contributed part of the story for this article. Thank you, Aavash,

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