PASSION FOR SERVICE brings Suresh Shrestha to join the Whitehouse Rotary’s Community Rotaract club

“Service is the rent you pay for room on this earth.” Late Congresswomen Shirley Chisholm

Suresh helping with the Peace Garden Project.

Suresh Shrestha began his college life in public service helping many youth groups in Nepal as a member of the Sindhu Public Awakening Youth club. His passion for volunteerism continued to grow when he moved to the USA.  When he heard about the opportunity to serve as a Rotaract Club president, he jumped to that opportunity to work with the Rotaract clubs around the world.

When he moved to Kathmandu from his village Sindhupalchowk, he started working with the Sinamagal Youth Alliance. He recently helped to raise funds here in New Jersey for a child who was going through cancer operation in Nepal. Over the years, he taught youth groups in Nepal.

When he moved to New Jersey, he got involved with the Friends of Nepal-NJ as a web master and coordinating various programs and activities with the FONNJ.

He was a youth group member for many years with the Shree Sidhi Binayak Youth Club in Nepal, planning and attending their extended retreats and programs.

At this time, he is spearheading the Mt. Everest Run and youth programs in conjunction with the Whitehouse Rotary club.

 “We are delighted to have Suresh join the Rotaract Club of New Jersey, with his passion for helping others, he fits in with the Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self”, said Manish Karna, Director of the Community Service of the Whitehouse Rotary Club.

Manish Karna

Manish Karna
Peace Garden Project

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