CONGRATULATIONS to our 2021 US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Mr. Ram Malakar

Ram Malakar came to the United States from Nepal in the early 1980s with his family and lived in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. During his early years, Mr. Malakar worked and traveled extensively overseas in India, Italy, and Malta for the U.S. Embassy and then worked as a food service director at St. Luke Institute in Washington, D.C. until his retirement.

Malakar was one of the early settlers from Nepal to Washington, DC. To meet and network with other Nepali and friends of Nepal, he got involved with the America Nepal Society and became the president of the organization. During his tenure, Mr. Malakar promoted and fostered Nepal’s literature, arts, culture, values, and social customs in the U.S.

To continue the preservation of Nepal and Newah culture, Mr. Malakar founded Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) in November of 1991. NPPA was incorporated to conserve and preserve the cultural heritage, the traditions, and the customs of the Newah people and to participate and facilitate the growth and development of the Newah culture in arts, literature, language, science, commerce, music, dances, customs and rituals of the Newah people in the modern world.

Lastly, to support the aging Nepalese population in the U.S., Mr. Malakar founded Nepal American Senior Community in 2002.

Mr. Malakar embodies what it means to be a community connector and community builder. He exemplifies not only as a great community leader but also someone who gives back.

He currently lives in Rockville, Maryland, surrounded by his wife of 60 years, Bisnu Malakar, and his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Ram Malakar for his passion and purpose filled work he has been doing in his community and wish him all the best for his future endeavor.

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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