Compassion into Action

Today Branchburg Rotarians, Rotaractors and the monks from the temple put their compassion into action by helping to create a special Rotary Peace Garden at the NJ Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center. The Rotary Club of Branchburg working together with various community groups as well as Rotaract and Interact members, put Rotary’s mission of “Service Above Self” in motion to engage members and volunteers, we are finding personal satisfaction and a sense accomplishment.

Embracing inherent source of compassion

Compassion is the bedrock of a healthy social movement to make a difference in our community and communities around the world. The Rotary Club of Branchburg’s District Governor Elect John Shockley urges us to turn Compassion into Action so that we can craft engaged and meaningful lives. He believes that we must each embrace the innate source of compassion within us and impact world, one action at a time.

Transforming pessimism to optimism

To actualize compassion, we need to transform our pessimism into optimism; connect to the deeper purpose of our work; expand our communities to create greater sense of belonging; and be intentionally present with ourselves and others. “Compassion into Action” calls us to start an action to bring more compassion to the forefront of our lives, our community service and our daily lives. We are all “ordinary people” doing an extraordinary thing in the world—Rotarians around the world doing heroic acts of kindness and compassion, every day in the simplest of ways.

Service Above Self.

Whether you are a Club President who is committed to exceptional service, a passionate volunteer proudly doing special work to help communities here and around the world, or anyone who believes that actively giving of yourself changes the world…then we are moving to bring Compassion into Action. Let’s ask our self, what does compassion mean to you? How can we put our compassion in our life? How can we create more joy for others? How do we create a sense of belonging in our community?

Please join the movement.

We invite you to visit our Rotary Peace Garden in Princeton and find a calmness of our mind in this turmoil driven world. We have created a garden and meditation walk path surrounding one of the tallest Buddha statue in the northeast. If you like to volunteer or donate a tree or plants, contact District International Service Director PDG Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan at or calling him at 908-458-7712.

We would like to thank Rotaract members, Rotarians for devoting their time on November 7 to plant trees and to the creation of the Peace Garden project on November 7th, 2021. Special thanks to DGE John Shockley for his help and distributing district pins to thank our volunteers.

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