Menuka Udas – 2023 Recipient of the US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Our 2023 recipient of the US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Ms. Monika Udas, President of the Whitehouse Community Corps and Vice President of the Friends of Nepal-NJ has spent more than 12 years working for children, community and women empowerment projects in our community and communities in Nepal. She has helped educate girls in Nepal, mentor children, supported girls in Nepal to educate them.

As FONNJ’s logo represent “We as members of the Friends of Nepal-NJ are like torch bearers of our community, bringing light to others and helping make the world a brighter place,” Menuka says.

“The purpose for the President’s Volunteer Service Award is to honor those who volunteer hundreds, if not thousands of hours over their lifetime,” said Past Rotary District Governor and past President of the FONNJ Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan Volunteers are the engine of every organization, community, state, and country. They truly help make a difference.”

The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a civic award bestowed by the President of the United States. This award was established by the executive order of the President George W. Bush, the award honors volunteers that give hundreds of hours per year helping people in need.

Menuka, who has been a FONNJ member for more than 15 years, traveled to Nepal to assist with many projects that enabled girls to get education and distributing school supplies. During her visit she takes school supplies donated by local community members and schools for poor children in Nepal who don’t have school supplies and uniforms to attend school. She cooperated with local agencies to obtain supplies, food, uniforms, and sponsorship funds for the girls, many of whom were at risk of being trafficked into sex work or child labor.

Menuka also collaborated with Rotary clubs in Nepal to distribute scholarships in various schools.

Outside the Community Corps, Menuka’s philanthropic efforts include helping local Nepalese community people and special programs for children.

Menuka Udas, President, Rotary Community Corps of Whitehosue and Vice President, Friends of Nepal-NJ.

Hello, my name is Menuka Udas and currently volunteering with Rotary International Community Corp and Friends of Nepal- NJ.

“Making a difference in the lives of poor people in Nepal.”

As an immigrant from Nepal, I travel Nepal time to time. Most of my visits in the past, I took supplies and handed to the local chapter organizations.

Inspired from Dr. Tulsi Maharjan, I am involved in NJ Nepali community by volunteering in their various events.

Last 3yrs has been eye opening to most of us and has forced us to think more humanely.

In my recent visit to Nepal, I got an opportunity to distribute scholarships to some of the most underprivileged kids. I was in shock to observe the conditions of the kids there and their needs. I must admit, I was appalled, and on a personal level, I am planning to do fund raising for them regularly.

Friends of Nepal-NJ has created a student sponsorship program – USD150/yr., will help student get their school supplies, full scholarships + food. This support will help them focus on their studies and hopefully become a successful person in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Tulsi Maharjan, FONNJ, Rotary Community Corp and Our sister partners in Nepal for giving me an opportunity to engage with the community and I hope some of you will also
join us in improving more human lives of the poor people in Nepal.

It is amazing how a short, four letter words can represent so much. ASHA means HOPE in Nepali, and that is our purpose to provide hope and opportunities for those who are hopeless and helpless. I would like to personally thank everyone for being a part of the team. Your support for the Nepal PROJECT has transformed the lives of not just individuals, but entire communities, empowering them with the tools to break the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for your humanitarian service and making a difference in the lives of poor people in Nepal.

Menuka Udas, President, Rotary Community Corps of Whitehouse.

Photos of our 33 Anniversary Celebration of HOPE.

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