Bringing smiles and happiness among orphans at the St. Xavier Social Service Center.

By Eezya Dangol

Happy Day at the St. Xavier Social Service Center.

Today on 11 February 2022, the Asha project- Nepal organized a lunch program at St Xavier’s Social Service Centre in the memory of our grandmother Usha Maharjan who loved helping the needy at all times.

The Social Service Centre is a home to poor and handicapped children from various districts of Nepal. Most of these students do not have parents or parents are financially deprived. These marginalized community students were brought to give them education and service training so that they can fend themselves and support their families in the future.

At this event we donated school supplies and provide special luncheon for them.

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Luncheon with the center students.

All Children enjoyed the food and thanked us in joy. A small help to them brought great happiness in their faces which is immeasurable. The Asha Project has adopted this school as one of the social service center, where the Asha Project provides scholarships, art contest and writing contest every year and visit during the Asha Project’s annual humanitarian mission to Nepal.

I would like to thank Dr. Tulsi Maharjan for sponsoring this program through the Asha project in Nepal and bringing smiles on the face of those children.

Also thanks Father Thomas, Mr. Salik Maharjan, Mr. Giri Dhar Dangol, Mrs. Mangal Kumari Maharjan, Mrs. Unes Maharjan for making this program a success.

Eezya Dangol

School supplies distribution.
St Xavier Social Service Center students.

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