Our mission is to transform lives by promoting Health, Education and Women’s Empowerment. Our primary objective is to help people reach their highest potential.

Thank you so much for making our 2022 Year such an amazing success! It was heartwarming to have so much support.

In order to ensure that FONNJ’s Asha Project remains vibrant, strong and ready to offer more fabulous programs in the coming seasons, please consider making a gift today to the LEGACY CIRCLE at WWW.FONNJ.COM/DONATION.
Your generosity will be rewarded many times over as we work together, time after time, year after year to help people reach their highest potential.

Special Projects.

Environmental Projects

Serving 32 years of Humanitarian Service in Nepal

The Goat Project 2020

With the Goat Project, we provide women with goats, along with plants for fodder, access to group savings & micro-credit, basic literacy, and gender equity training.
Goats are relatively inexpensive to raise. Before sale, they provide these women with milk for their children. As their herds increase, the women gift animals to others in need. Thus, they give forward their gifts from us.
We have raised $10,000 and received a grant of $43,000 from Rotary International Global which has enabled us to give 100 goats to 50 women across the district. We aim to reach 1,000 women in 10 districts by 2030.

By Numbers:
We have given micro-loans totaling $215,000 since 2002
Helped 10,000 women start businesses
Trained 1,250 in personal finance & animal husbandry
We run a Goat Farming Project in 10 districts

“Villagers will have a GIVING DAY CELEBRATION (to give forward their gift)”

Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan


No matter how modern we become, the natural bleeding process (menstruation) in women is still considered taboo in Nepal; many students miss their school during this time. This taboo has resulted in students missing school, as well as women dying from exposure because they are forced to remain outdoors. This special project will take palces in different parts of the county.

The RotaAsha Library Project:
The RotaAsha Library Project at Dolkha Community School is a fine example of the projects we have take up. In it, we joined hands with the Rotaract Club of Sukedhara.
Dolkha is about 60 mi from Kathmandu. With our financial support, the Rotaract Clubs of Sukhedhara and Baneshore donated 1,176 books to the community school at the Hari Kirtan Basic School.

Pictures from the Library project

Indigenous Community

This year, we are helping the Dumsi Darai Village of Tanahun District with chicken farming, Covid-19 protection materials. The Darai are a marginalized ethnic group. They depend on agriculture and fishing; and suffer from low literacy and poverty.
In January 2021, we distributed 150 chicken to villagers. According to founder-chairman Dr. Maharjan, “Villagers will have a GIVING DAY CELEBRATION (to give forward their gift). This way the community will learn how caring and sharing are essential for development.”
As part of the Indigenous Community Economic Development project, we hope to distribute more chickens, develop a bee project in the village as well as promote their homestay (hospitality) business and school programs.


  • “Economic Empowerment of Indigenous Women” Projects – $2,000.00
  • Food Distribution Projects – $1,000.00
  • Library Project – $1000
  • Goat Project in Dhulikhel – $2,000.00 (Rotary Grant for $40,000)
  • Computer Project in Dang at the Prison library- $2,000 (Rotary Grant for $15,000)
  • Banepa Hospital Project $3000 (Rotary matching grant for $40,000)
  • 3 Health Projects – Helping youth group with hygiene pads and educational programs- $2,000.00
  • 100 Scholarships for minority students – $2,000.00
  • 25 schools -Distribution of books, bags and copies – $3,000.00
  • Microloan redistribution (Rotary grant $95,000)


We believe, all of us must embrace the innate source of compassion within us to make a difference in our community and in our homeland. The Asha Project’s mission is to “help the underprivileged people of Nepal to rebuild their lives and renew their hope.”

The Asha Project calls for action to bring more compassion to the forefront of our lives and provide hope and opportunities for poor in Nepal. Thanks to our LEGACY CIRCLE members for putting Altruism in Action by helping the people of Nepal.

In 2022, we are planning to conduct projects for more than $75,000 worth in Nepal to help people reach their highest potential.

You can mail your check, made payable to Friends of Nepal-NJ, to

P.O. Box 5015
Somerville, NJ 08876

Or you can pay it with the PayPal at this link

Thank you for your continued support for our projects in Nepal.

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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