Gift of Hope for Nepal – Altruism in action

Altruism is the bedrock of a healthy society. The Asha Project in collaboration with Rotary, Rotaract and Friends of Nepal NJ completed more than 30 projects last year 2021, putting the Altruism in Action.

“Economic Empowerment of Indigenous Women” Projects – Total Budget $3,500.00

 Food Distribution Projects – Total $1,000.00

 Library Project – $1000.00

•Goat Project in Dhulikhel – $2,000.00 (Rotary Grant for $40,000)

•Computer Project in Tulsipur Dang at the Prison library- $2,000 (Rotary Grant for $15,000)

•Banepa Hospital Project $3000 (Rotary matching grant for $36,000)

3 Health Projects – Helping youth group with hygiene pads and educational programs- Total Budget $2,000.00 

•Scholarships for minority students – $2,000.00

•Distribution of books, bags and copies – $3,000.00

We believe, all of us must embrace the innate source of compassion within us to make a difference in our community and in our homeland. The Asha Project’s mission is to “help the underprivileged people of Nepal to rebuild their lives and renew their hope.”

To actualize compassion, we need to transform our pessimism into optimism; connect to the deeper purpose of our passion; expand our communities to create more belonging; and be intentionally present with ourselves and others.  With your small contribution, we have been able to do a lot with the help of many organizations, Rotary and Rotaract support.

Our Rotaract members who are all “ordinary people” doing an “extraordinary work” in Nepal—brave young people doing heroic acts of kindness and compassion, every day in the simplest of ways. We would like to thank them for their time, talent and dedication in helping with our projects in Nepal.

The Asha project calls for action to bring more compassion to the forefront of our life and provide hope and opportunities for poor people in Nepal. Thanks to our LEGACY CIRCLE members for putting Altruism in Action by helping poor people in Nepal.

One of our outreaches focuses on the empowerment of girls and women because they are often the most vulnerable in our country to becoming victims of discrimination and exploitation. To combat this, the Asha Project has several programs to empower girls and women through a combination of education, training, and care.

Our mission is to transform lives by promoting Health, Education and Women empowerment. Primary objective is to help people reach the highest potential.

So, what does Altruism mean to you? How is Altruism an alive presence in your life? Do you create more joy for others? In what ways are you a compassionate person?

Without our New Jersey Nepali diaspora with generous heart and compassion, our projects would not have been possible. Thanks to all our Legacy circle members for their financial help.

Let’s put our Altruism in Action and make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than us and provide hope and opportunities for many years to come.

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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