Group Study Exchange from Nepal to visit our District 7475 in Mid-April to Mid-May 2022. Need your club support.

Our most recent District GSE program started in PDG Ray’s term of Governorship. Our district send four GSE team members to Nepal in early January 2020. We had a plan to bring the group from Nepal in April 2020. But due to covid pandemic district had to cancelled the program. Now with Covid pandemic slowing down, we are planning to bring the team in Mid April to Mid May 2022 and have them attend our district conference in April.

Rotary International is a 116-year-old beacon of World Understanding that crosses all political, religious, and international borders. Rotarians have spread the message of World Understanding through acts of kindness, compassion, fellowship, and a common theme, Service Above Self. Our 1.2 million members have seized opportunities to serve at home and abroad through hands-on projects, International grant projects and other financial commitments. Rotarians around the world are working tirelessly to spread goodwill and peace.

For me, Rotary is one great gateway that leads to many doors – the chance to meet wonderful people you would otherwise never meet, to learn about cultures you never knew existed, to break bread with otherwise total strangers and so break down the barriers of ignorance and intolerance, to support a strong Rotary Foundation and its programs and participate in a crusade for building world understanding and peace.

Our real legacy will be once we eradicate polio from this earth.  We are “THIS CLOSE”.   Rotarians around the world have embraced the dream of a Polio-Free world and if that isn’t World Understanding I don’t know what is.

Our Rotary district 7475 is planning to honor Rotary’s goal of world peace and understanding by inviting one Rotarian leader and 4 Rotaract members to our district in coming Mid April-May of 2022  and planning  programs and activity during their visit to emphasize Rotary’s “understanding and goodwill as essential for world peace.”

As I reflect on my 2020 GSE team visit to Nepal as a GSE team leader with two Rotaract members and one Rotarian co-leader, I am truly humbled by Rotary’s undertaking to affect change on a global-level through simple ideas such as education, community service, and relationship-building between individuals. 

Rotary’s unwavering commitment and its dedication of resources to projects such as Youth Exchange, Vocational Training Team, Global grants, Group Study Exchange (GSE) are exemplary. These and similar programs are not designed to bring an immediate return on investment but to build a foundation for the future.  They are progressive as well as deliberate; they offer grassroots, long-term solution to building peace and goodwill among individual citizens. In addition, our countless joint international service projects between Rotary clubs around the world also contribute to this vital objective.

“Our district has conducted many wonderful projects around the world. In 2022 as part of the Global Peace and Understanding month, we hope to have many celebration to highlight our past, present and future International projects”.

PDG Tulsi R. Maharjan

My own club Rotary club of Branchburg has done more than million dollars of Global grant projects around the world. If you like to learn about those projects and future joint projects, let me know, we can give a special presentations. Pictures from our Humanitarian mission to Nepal.

Our current District Governor Shelby Rhodes and PDG Ray Freaney are working hard to make this special GSE visit a reality with funding from our district and many supporting clubs. All district clubs will be playing a big role in inviting our GSE team from Nepal by arranging programs with our special guests and inviting friends and families.    

This will be a great time for our district clubs to launch an international community service project in your community with our visiting Rotaract students, sign sister club agreement, inviting your Rotaract and Interact students to share their experiences.

Through Rotary and its Foundation, we foster personal relationships that transcend borders and form a foundation for peace. GSE team visit from Nepal will be like celebrating World Understanding Month and a great opportunity for every club to pause, plan, and promote the Fourth Avenue of Service – Rotary’s continued quest for goodwill, peace, and understanding among people of the world.

I would love to hear about whether your club will be able host them in your county and provide home stay. You can reach me via email at or call my cell (908)458-7712.

PDG Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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