Gift of Hope for the children of Nepal

एउटा पेन्सिल ले बच्चाको मुहारमा खुसी ल्याउछ भने पेन्सिल किन नदिने ? By Pankag Bahadur Dhami, Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal,

If one pencil can bring a smile – why not give them the pencil?

Pankaj Bahadur Dhami

Seeing a smile and brightened wide open eye is our sense of happiness. We see the profound power and promise brought through something as small as giving a pencil, notebook or a pen. That is our ASHA project’s “Gift of Hope” for Nepal.

ASHA means HOPE in Nepali language.

Providing hope and opportunities are the Asha project’s purpose. To provide hope in all aspects of life by supporting initiatives that are run by the people of Nepal for the people of Nepal.

“3 years old chubby girl smiled and thanked when her mother taught her to thank for a pencil. Along with me; my friends are seeing this scenario and capturing it in our humanitarian mission to Ilam. Our leader Dr. Tulsi Maharjan has a unique way to bring happiness and smile in people faces” .

It was an early morning and we are on a morning walk in Sriantu, Ilam. As usual Tulsi sir carried his backpack with school supplies. On the way, when he sees a child, he gives out what ever come out of his backpack and that brings a smile of happiness from the children.

His philosophy is that if one pencil or pen can bring a smile in a child’s face why not?

Over the last 29 years, he has visited many village schools in Nepal, handing out thousands of pens, pencils or notebooks across many districts in Nepal. These pencils, these small pieces of potential, led to powerful conversations with local parents and children across countless languages. These are the guidelines on which ASHA Project was created in 2015 after the major earthquake in Nepal.

I had the opportunity to witness the big smile and happiness during our moringing walk in Ilam. After receiving a pencil, 4 year old boy Darshan and his friend Sandesh looked very happy. That was my Rotaract moment, knowing that even giving up a cup of tea once a week, I can bring big smiles on the lives of poor children in Nepal. I am sure that, I will cherish, seeing a happiness and a big smile on those children’s face.

We were enjoying the moment from the backside and suddenly they waved their hand and thanked us. That moment my heart felt very content, knowing that how a small pencil can bring happiness and joy. So if a pencil can bring happiness in life why don’t we do it ?

By: Pankaj Bahadur Dhami,

Rotaract club of Rudramati-Babarmahal

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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