Building international partnerships and making new friends in Nepal during our 2019 Humanitarian Mission.

Rotary is a global community of 1.2 million members who share similar values and want to make the world a better place. Our 2018 Humanitarian Mission to Nepal with 18 Rotarians from 4 districts (7475, 7255, 7410 and 6490) in the USA was a grand success.  We had a chance to network with Rotary members from Nepal and share our passions and interests. We had opportunity to make a global impact by connecting with Rotary members outside our club and district and distributing 1000 pounds of school supplies as well as conducting 2 mega health camps in Nepal. Our special participant Bethany from the “COLORS FOR KIDS” provided most of the school supplies for this trip.

We had opportunity to:

  • Explore our passions and hobbies with fellow Rotarians in Nepal. This fellowships enhanced our international network, interests, and developed greater global perspective. We hope to develop at least three international projects in different fields.
  • We had a chance to explore new cultures and make new friends in Nepal. Through this visit participants deepen their international understanding, foster goodwill, and explore professions in a different context while building lasting friendships and a foundation for peace and service. We hope to send VTT team to Nepal to explore different new agriculture projects.
  • Our trip connected clubs that are seeking international service projects and hope to sign sister club agreements with various clubs with those clubs that are interested in collaborating with global partners.  
  • We had great opportunity to foster inter-cultural understanding through our visit. Although our members got tired eating Dal-Bhat ( Nepali meal), they had opportunity to work together to promote peace, friendship, and strengthen relations.  Long bus rides and without adequate services our members learned about how we take for granted many things in America.  However, welcome by 1000 of Nepalese community members with 100 of garland made us forget the long bus rides and adequate food.

We hope to continue our friendship and work with many new projects in Nepal. To all our new friends in Nepal, see you soon. NAMASTE.

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The Asha Project – works in collaboration with local and international partner organizations as well as individuals and governments, to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the people of Nepal. We thrive at the intersection of Passion, purpose and Promise.

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